Welcome to PWSD #5 of Cape Girardeau County

We have now made it available to pay your bill online or by phone. If you would like to pay your bill online please look to your left at your available options. If you would like to pay by phone please have your account number ready and dial 1-855-4Telpay (1-855-483-5729) and use the ID 63701-11 and follow the prompts.

Once you have registered you will start receiving emails when your bill is available for viewing. You will also see past bills from the time you register.

Fees effective 01/01/2013
$0 - $30.00 $1.95
$30.01 - $60.00 $2.95
$60.01 - $90.00 $3.95
$90.01 - $120.00 $4.95
$120.01 - $150.00 $5.95
$150.01 - $180.00 $6.95
$180.01 - $210.00 $7.95
$210.01 and above 4% of the payment amount
* We reserve the right to change fees without notice

If you have any issues feel free to give us a call or email us at pwsd5water@gmail.com.

Go check out our website to get up to date information about the water district.